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My approach to consultancy combines research, creative practice and workshopping to deliver a range of theoretically informed outputs. It is grounded in anti-racist, feminist, and decolonial theories, and I enjoy working collaboratively with teams to strategise effective solutions. I offer consultancy in the following broad areas: 


  • Intersectionality and/in Education.

  • Pedagogical practices and collaborative learning. 

Technology & Media 

  • Algorithmic bias and content moderation.

  • Creative media marketing.

  • Digital culture and social media strategies.

  • Diversity and inclusion in tech policy.

  • Popular culture and new media trends. 


  • Care practices, ethics, and justice.

  • Decolonial and anti-racist praxis.

  • Feminist theories

  • Queer theory

For questions, quotes or for more information, email me at

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