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keisha is a researcher and educator of Black arts and cultures. They completed their PhD at the University of Nottingham in Black Studies. Their research project is titled "Curating Digital Diasporic Intimacy: Black Feminist Approaches to Visual Cultures Online" and within it they analyse intersections of visuality, race, and gender, as it relates to identity formation and diasporic community building on social media. They are an adjunct professor in Race, Gender, and the Media at Syracuse University-London. 

keisha has worked on a variety of projects within academic and cultural institutions that relate to race and gender inequalities, sovereignty and justice, archival histories, and creator labour and inequalities in screen media. They have also delivered talks and workshops in galleries and museums based on Black arts and culture, Black feminist theory, digital activism, and pleasure activism. They are available for talks, workshops, and collaborations in and around their areas of interests.

Research Interests

Black Girlhood & Womanhood

Black Feminism

Black Queer Cultures

Diaspora Studies

Digital Media

Literature & Culture

Pleasure, Intimacy, and Affect

Social Media 

Visual Culture

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