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I enjoy designing courses that facilitate collaboration, encourage self-reflection, and embrace creativity. Some of my sample syllabi are listed below:

COM346: Race, Gender, and the Media

Syracuse University, London Campus

This module  explores intersections of identity in Britain and their representations within and experiences of British print, broadcast television, film, and digital media. It examines how some of the UK's domestic media organisations were established and function today as well as the influence social and political history has had (and continues to have) on their operation and output.

Download: COM346 Syllabus (SAMPLE)

Black Studies Reading Group

University of Nottingham

During  2019-20, I directed a reading group for PhD students on the Black Studies programme at the University of Nottingham and students/staff also completing projects in and around Black Studies. Funded by the Student Experience Fund and a grant from the Centre for Research in Race and Rights, the reading group began in person and eventually moved online due to COVID-19. 

Download: Black Studies Reading Group Syllabus. 

Academic Learning Coach

Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, Birmingham

I explored many opportunities in this role. I designed and delivered an extra-curricular class on Black British history and arts for 16-18-year olds. I was a teacher of Functional Skills (English) for 16-17 year olds. I was also a teacher of English as a Second Language for adult learners. 

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